Getting ready for your headshot session

Congratulations - you’ve booked your headshot session! You’re investing in yourself, and you deserve it! I want to make sure you maximize your investment by making sure you’re well prepared for your session. Here a few things to do get ready.


Start thinking about the clothes you want to bring as soon as you book, hopefully at least a couple weeks before the session. Solid, muted colors are best, but some simple patterns work, too. Different textures can also be interesting. Think about what you like to wear and is comfortable. That’s probably a great choice to start with. If you pick an outfit you’ve not worn in a while, try it on to make sure it still fits and is comfortable. I have seen guys bring in their only button-down shirt and tie and discover they can’t close the top button.

Also, make sure the clothes look fresh. Your favorite sweater might be super comfortable, but if it’s covered in pills and looking a little threadbare, it’s probably best to leave it home.

If you don’t find anything you like in your closet and want to stay on budget, then buy some things you do like and return it after the session. You don’t even have to remove the tags. Once you get that new job, go back and buy it and no one will know. (I won’t tell.)

Plan to bring as many outfits as you can. At least three options are good, but more is always better. We may not use everything, but it’s great to have options to try.

You don’t need to bring jewelry. Stud earrings are suitable, but it’s best to avoid distracting items like dangling earrings and necklaces. If you need a haircut, try to do the that a week or so before the session. This gives the hair time to look natural again after the cut and also lets the tan lines get filled in a bit.

Headshot Day

Get a good night’s sleep. It’s difficult to make a great impression when you are not well rested, so get as much sleep as you can. My colleague Greg pointed out to me that sleeplessness is a sign of stress, and we certainly don't want to convey stress in your headshot.

I shouldn’t have to say avoid hangovers, but yeah, that’s happened, and it’s not pretty.

If you look in the mirror the morning of your session and discover you’ve broken out overnight- don’t panic! Our expert retouchers will make that, and other blemishes disappear. Don’t worry about covering it up with a concealer that could end up looking worse in the photo than the magic the retoucher will do.

If you do your own makeup, start natural and light, especially around the eyes. You can always add more during the session if you want more, but it’s best to start light. Less is more.

For guys, you don’t need any makeup, but a moisturizer will help your skin look healthier and more vibrant. If you can grow stubble, then go ahead and come in with a bit of stubble to start with. Bring your razor so we can get some clean shots, too.

If you read this much, then you are well on you’re the way to being prepared for getting the best shot of yourself you’ve ever seen. I’m looking forward to seeing you in the studio!