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On-Site Headshots

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On-brand, approachable, confident images of each team member. 

Headshots don’t just make first impressions - they make every impression. Between emails, profiles, and web pages, thousands of visual impressions of your team stream out of your doors every day. 

 Others judge instantly how competent and trustworthy your brand appears from your team’s faces.


Simple process. Beautiful results.

I deliver headshots quickly while still making each member of your team look relaxed and confident - not an easy feat when most people dislike having their photo taken. You’ll receive the best results in the region with the least disruption to your work schedule. 


Would you let your neighbor’s kid design your logo?

That may be exactly who delivers first impressions of your team if you accept whatever headshots your team cobbles together on their own. Don’t leave visual introductions of your brand to chance. Do it once, do it right. I make it easy.

I Offer

Expert coaching

Most people don’t know how to walk in and look approachable, real, and confident on camera, so they think you just have to “be photogenic.”  But there is a method, and I will show you exactly what to do. I can coach anyone into their best expressions. You will love what you see.


Instant Review

Get instant reassurance that you’re looking good. My camera connects to a computer so you see results in real time. You’ll choose favorites before you leave.

Comfortable Atmosphere

Your photoshoot will feel relaxed and easy. There’s nothing like having an experienced professional be completely invested in making you feel great and look fantastic. You may find your confidence rises permanently when you see how good you can look on camera.


Convenient Add-ons

Makeup artist

Light touch-ups so every team member looks sharp. A quick comb or blot against shine -- whatever is needed for a distraction-free image.

Team & Group Photos

Need an image for a report, website, or to boost morale? I can deliver this quickly while already on site.

In-Office Candids

Potential hires, clients and investors want to see your company culture. Let me show you off at your best (yes, even in tight spaces). 


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On-location group sessions start at $750.


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