by Robert Read Photography LLC

Professional Headshots


My Headshots will Help



  • Make The Right First Impression
  • Represent Your Business
  • Increase Your Self-confidence

Your Team

  • Look Unified and Cohesive
  • Solidify Your Brand
  • Improve Customer Outreach 

Your Headshot Works for you


Project Confidence

A key factor in making the right first impression to ensure your headshot conveys confidence. I'll show you how to make sure your confidence comes through in photos. 



Be Friendly

I'll make sure you also bring a touch of friendliness to the confidence to make a winning picture. Without any charm, the photo might appear mean or unapproachable, so this is critical to get right.


Look Sharp

Of course, your appearance is vital, and how formal you want to depends mainly on how you want to be seen. Whether you want to appear corporate, casual,  or somewhere in between, you have a polished image to represent you.


let's work together


In My Studio

You’ll find my comfortable professional headshot studio in Chelsea, New York City. Using top-notch tech, we’ll create the perfect modern headshots of you, and you’ll see the results on a computer during the session.  


the Manhattan studio

I share a busy, dynamic studio, and occasionally sessions need up be rescheduled. If you have a specific deadline for your photos, please include that in the notes. We’ll do our best to make sure you meet your deadline.



The Best Impression

A professional headshot sends the message that you are committed to your success and take yourself seriously. It says you believe you are worth the investment and raises your perceived value.  A poor profile image suggests you don't believe that you are worth it, and diminishes your value in the customer's eyes.

So it is clear a professional headshot is important to make the best first impression on LinkedIn and your website. But it doesn't stop there -  your headshot can now be used in many places to reinforce your image and committment to excellence. Many forms of communcation include a profile image, including Slack, Messenger, Twitter, blog posts, and email. A great image can make the difference in getting a new job, attracting a client, or closing a deal.