QuickBooks Connect 2017

650+ Headshots in 2.5 days

Last week I ran the headshot booth at QuickBook Connect 2017 in San Jose and had a great time. I was amazed by the response from the attendees there. They were great fun to work with, even after waiting up to an hour in line! Thanks to Intuit for sponsoring my booth, and also thanks to John Glover for flying up from Orange County to help out on the second day.

Some of the many headshots from QBConnect 2017.

Some of the many headshots from QBConnect 2017.

If you are one of the 500 or so people that I photographed, then your photos have been posted and are available using the link on your card. If John took your picture (he was on the left side on Thursday), then your photos should be posted by Wednesday.

Make sure you use the "http" not "https" so the link will work to send you to the right gallery. If you get a "Your code wasn't found" page then either it hasn't been uploaded yet or perhaps you made typo entering the link.

If you believe your photos should be available but the link is not working, the please contact me either using the email icon on the error page or the contact form on this site. Please let me know your code, which day and about what time you photo was taken, and also include a photo of yourself (quick selfie is fine) so I can look for your images.



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